Booksellers now have easy access to hyper-local assortments unique to each store!


Charleston, SC, and Ann Arbor, MI (October 18, 2018): Arcadia Publishing and Edelweiss+ by Above the Treeline announced today that they have teamed up to offer independent booksellers easy access to hyper-local collections of titles unique to each specific store and community.

Booksellers can now go the Arcadia publishing page on Edelweiss+ (while logged in to their account) and select the “YourTown Store Match” option to access this new service. A hyper-local custom title assortment will be recommended to the bookstore within 24 hours.

As announced by ABA and Arcadia Publishing in August 2018, the YourTown hyper-local assortment specific to each store is drawn from the more than 14,000 local-interest books published by the Arcadia Publishing and The History Press imprints.

“We are always focused on providing booksellers with the tools they need to succeed,” said John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline. “We’re excited to be working with Arcadia and ABA to help booksellers ‘go local’ by accessing the YourTown Store Match service through Edelweiss+.”

“We heard from ABA and from individual booksellers how valuable it would be to access their hyper-local title assortment through Edelweiss+,” said David Steinberger, CEO of Arcadia. “We are looking forward to helping booksellers everywhere find the perfect titles unique to their individual communities.”

“We could not be more pleased to have Edelweiss+ providing booksellers with access to the customized hyper-local assortments available through the YourTown program,” said Oren Teicher, CEO of the ABA. “This is another important step in helping independent booksellers reinforce their central role in their communities and bring more customers into their stores.”

Many independent booksellers have long recognized how displaying titles from Arcadia Publishing and The History Press and hosting related author events help connect stores to their local communities.

“Located in a resort area that is also steeped in history, I often refer to our local book section as our ‘bread and butter’ and I’m not kidding, said Jamie Layton, Owner of Duck’s Cottage in Duck, NC. “Books with an Outer Banks aspect practically walk out the door on their own two feet and I rely heavily on Arcadia Publishing and The History Press for those titles. I recently upgraded to a floor spinner and have been thrilled with the sales it has generated. It really puts these titles right in front of people, allows browsers to easily see the full cover of the book and get a quick grasp for what awaits inside.”

“Arcadia Books are a significant presence in our LOCAL section, one of the most popular and important sections of our store,” said Susan Hans O’Connor, owner of Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley, PA. “The town-specific books such as Sewickley make perfect gift and souvenir books and are perennial bestsellers. Arcadia also makes an effort to send authors our way, and we have had many successful author events and table signings. We consider Arcadia a great partner who understands the importance of independent bookselling.”

About Arcadia

Founded in 1994, Arcadia is the publisher of a backlist of 14,000 books of local history and local interest and is the home of the iconic sepia-jacketed Images of America series featuring unique hyper-local histories of countless hometowns across all 50 states. Its History Press imprint publishes a range of other local and regional-themed series, such as American Palate, which focuses on local food, beer, and wine, and Haunted America, which retells stories of famous hauntings, one American city and town at a time.

About Above the Treeline

Edelweiss+, powered by Above the Treeline, gives over 100,000 book professionals a single source of information to sell, discover, and order new titles. The analytical and workflow tools have helped publishers, booksellers, libraries, and reviewers “work better, read more” for over 15 years. Above the Treeline is a privately owned company based in Ann Arbor, MI. It was founded in 2002 by John Rubin, the son of an indie bookseller and grandson of a librarian, who saw an opportunity to increase business efficiency in the book industry with technical solutions. While the product functionality has grown significantly since then, the company continues to be dedicated to serving book professionals. For more information, go to