Edelweiss360 Available to Independent Bookstores During Crisis


To our booksellers,

As the world has turned upside down and many of you have reduced hours, closed your stores to foot traffic or closed temporarily altogether, we’ve been thinking about ways we can help.   

One way that we think we can is to expedite the rollout of Edelweiss360 and offer it (for free) to all subscribers of Edelweiss+Analytics. Edelweiss360 helps you efficiently create and send personal emails to your customers with relevant title recommendations or events (even virtual ones!). Our hope is that Edelweiss360 can help you stay connected to your customers and continue to serve them, even if your doors are closed.  

If you’re interested, you can learn more here and complete the inquiry form on the page.   

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Hoping that you and yours stay safe out there,  


John Rubin 

CEO & Founder, Above the Treeline 




  • How do you get my customer emails? You can upload a list(s) of emails to send general newsletters featuring titles or events, or you can create targeted campaigns based on past customer transactions. Targeted email capability requires a feed of customer transactions, and we currently support IBIDie, iMerchant, Basil (as of this week), and Square for Retail. We are ‘in-process’ with Booklog and Anthology. Your customer and email information is yours and is not shared with any 3rd party. We take this obligation very seriously and pledge to it in our Terms of Service.    
  • How are the emails created? You create all the content and can customize as needed to engage with your community. You choose which customers are sent which campaigns based on purchase history, your own customer groupings, or your knowledge of individual customers. Nothing is programmatic nor driven by Edelweiss – everything is determined by you.    
  • How do I link for eCommerce? From the emails, you can link to your eCommerce or to an Edelweiss360 store-branded page with a simple inquiry form that is routed back to you for fulfillment (shipping, in-store pickup, or curbside-pickup as applicable).     
  • How long can I access Edelweiss360 for free? The long-term goal of this service is to offset small usage fees to the stores with publisher marketing dollars. In the short-term, certainly until life returns to normal, there is no additional fee for bookstores to use this service. We truly hope it helps.