Edelweiss+Analytics Alpine for Librarians a Fast, Engaging Way to Stay on Top of Popular Titles

Above the Treeline, Inc. announced that it is introducing a new offering within its Edelweiss+Analytics portfolio for libraries. The new Edelweiss+Analytics tier, Alpine, will broaden accessibility to the company’s core mission of supporting book professionals to “work better, read more,” as well as advance Treeline’s strategic focus on increasing the value Edelweiss+ provides librarian users.

“Tens of thousands of librarians use Edelweiss, and we recognize that they all have a tough and vital job. They face depleting resources, increasing responsibilities, and challenging patron demands. Alpine makes it easier for librarians to do their job by providing data they need to make decisions at their fingertips within Edelweiss, the tool they already use to discover new titles. We hope Alpine will make collection development not only more data-driven but also more fun and engaging,” said John Rubin, Founder and CEO of Above the Treeline, the company behind Edelweiss+.

The Edelweiss platform is used by over 100,000 book professionals to sell, discover, and order new titles. It hosts digital catalogs from all major publishers and over 95% of the US frontlist titles. Librarians use Edelweiss to stay on top of new titles and access advanced review copies. The basic Edelweiss platform is a free service for book professionals, and Edelweiss+Analytics Alpine is an affordable upgrade for library users of Edelweiss+.

“For over 15 years now, we’ve offered analytical tools to booksellers, and three years ago we launched our analytics and collection development tools for libraries. Now, we’re expanding our portfolio to be able to provide decision intelligence more widely to librarians across the country. Our goal is to allow our librarian users to determine the depth of analytics they need at a price that suits them while continuing to enhance the value we provide,” said Carsten Hohnke, COO at Above the Treeline.

The Alpine tier of Edelweiss+Analytics is focused on serving librarians at smaller public libraries who, while having a smaller collection budget, have just as strong of a need for information about titles that can help them manage their collection. The subscription includes access to national circulation and sales data from 900 library branches and retailers across the country as well as other exclusive benefits. Alpine users will be able to view current demand for titles in Edelweiss+ (based on either national library or retailer data), sort lists by popularity to aid in identifying gaps in their own collection, network and access reviews by other librarians, increase their access to advance review copies, and raise publishers’ visibility of their book reviews.

The new offering expands Above the Treeline’s portfolio to three tiers of Edelweiss+Analytics offerings for libraries: Alpine, Basecamp, and Summit versions. The full version, Summit, integrates a library’s ILS data and includes a full suite of visual, intuitive tools integrated within Edelweiss that do the heavy lifting of collection development to accelerate circulation, maximize collection budgets, and eliminate guesswork. Basecamp, available mid-2018, will not include the entire suite of analytical tools but will also integrate ILS data to present personalized circulation data throughout Edelweiss, allowing users to benchmark against other libraries, review investment opportunities or weeding candidates in collections by category, create actionable lists for collection management, and much more.

Learn more about Edelweiss+Analytics for Libraries here.


We connect the world with books. Edelweiss+, powered by Above the Treeline, gives over 100,000 book professionals a single source of information to sell, discover, and order new titles. Our analytical and workflow tools have helped publishers, booksellers, libraries, and reviewers “work better, read more” for over 15 years. We proudly serve thousands of retail outlets, libraries and publishing houses across the United States and Europe.

Above the Treeline is a privately-owned company based in Ann Arbor, MI. It was founded in 2002 by John Rubin, the son of an Indie bookseller and grandson of a librarian, who saw an opportunity to increase business efficiency with an online book catalog platform that integrated workflow and analytical tools. While our product functionality has grown significantly since then, we continue to be dedicated to serving book professionals.