Special Offers From Publishers

These are challenging times, but we're all in this together. Below are special offers that our publishers have put together to support readers, booksellers, and librarians. Please contact publishers directly with any questions. (If you are a publisher with an update, please submit here.)

Please note that offers specific to bookstores and libraries are located halfway down.

Seven Stories Press

Seven Stories and children's imprint Triangle Square Books for Young Readers are regularly hosting live story times for kids, author readings, and live online events to discuss topical issues. Follow us on social media @7StoriesPress or visit their website for newsletter sign-up and detailed info. They are permitting librarians, teachers, and booksellers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos and live events using their titles, in accordance with the guidelines of our distributor, PRH. Learn more.

Harvard Business Review Press

Harvard Business Review Press is offering a free PDF download on their website of a new book, "Coronavirus and Business: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review," which contains sixteen recent articles from HBR.org. It provides readers with essential thinking about keeping your company running remotely, managing your business through disaster and recovery, and finding it within yourself to lead with resilience through the crisis. Learn more.

The Secret Mountain

Download free recordings from The Secret Mountain's world music collection and a coloring book here. The illustrations and recordings have been selected from three musical picture books: "Dream Songs Night Songs from China to Senegal," "Dream Songs Night Songs from Mali to Louisiana," and "Dream Songs Night Songs from Belgium to Brazil."

Mims House Books

Mims House Books' backlist children's ebooks and audiobooks will be free until June 30.

Learn more.

Autumn House Press

All Autumn House books (including e-books) are now 30% off, and if your order is over $50, you'll receive free shipping. Learn more.


Find free author and illustrator readings, book buzzes, lessons, and more for remote classrooms and homeschooling at Charlesbridge.com.

Fabled Films Press

Download The Nocturnals series's complimentary printable activities that includes: Common Core Language Arts and Next Generation Science educator guides, animal mask crafts, bingo, discussion questions, word games, and more. Additionally, their full catalog is available for immediate download on Edelweiss (books for readers ages 5-12). Questions, please contact info@fabledfilms.com. Learn more.

The Quarto Group

In the coming weeks, the Quarto Group is working closely with authors, bookshops, and creative teams to connect you with more and more ways to enjoy books at home. This means extra content, resources, recommendations, videos, and other ways to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of children. In the meantime, here are some activity books and free downloadables that keep kids learning and having fun outside of the classroom.

Triumph Books and Chicago Review Press

Triumph Books and Chicago Review Press are currently running website sales for 35% off the entire cart. Use code NOSPORTS35 for Triumph and STAYHOME35 for CRP at checkout. Keep a lookout for CRP's social media for their new e-learning site to help parents and teachers.

Free Spirit Publishing

During times of uncertainty and worry, it becomes even more important to prioritize mental health and to stay connected. To provide support, Free Spirit Publishing has compiled a collection of resources for stress management, mindfulness, and mental health. Learn more.

Seven Stories Press

For the next 90 days, Seven Stories Press will donate 10% of every purchase to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) to support struggling independent bookstores who've had to shut down during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more.

Lerner Publishing Group

Lerner Publishing Group is proud to support parents, educators, librarians, and readers of all ages with "Help at Home." The new site includes author videos, free downloads, and resources to help with virtual learning during these difficult times. Learn more.

12-Story Library

12-Story Library has opened up access to its full library of ebooks, each of which are paired with a unique resource web page with content updates, live news feeds, videos, image galleries, and lesson plans. Learn more.


Wiley is offering free weekly resources for parents navigating teaching kids at home. Week one: a 14-page eSampler featuring six science experiments for parents, bookstores, and libraries. Learn more.


Sourcebooks has updated their policy to allow more opportunities for read-alouds. They also have extensive activity guides for booksellers and librarians to share with kids and parents, plus some fun videos from authors like Kristi Yamaguchi. Learn more.


Schools, libraries, and bookstores are welcome to host live streams of reading Choose Your Own Adventure books aloud. At the beginning of your stream, please state that you are reading the book “with permission from Chooseco.” If you would like to upload these videos to video-hosting platforms like YouTube, Chooseco grants the permission to do so on unlisted pages only. All such recordings should be removed on the final day of the school year, or June 30, whichever comes first. Learn more.

NYU Press

An expanded collection of digital galleys are available now for NYU Press titles publishing through August 2020, including... Hyper Education: Why Good Schools, Good Grades, and Good Behavior Are Not Enough (April); Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court (May); White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America (July); Impostures, a groundbreaking new translation of a celebrated work of Arabic literature (May). View in Edelweiss.


Amicus is offering all friends access to their entire ebook library now through May 31. Promoting the wonder, diversity, and the challenges of the modern world, Amicus books for grades preK to 6 beg to be read—for learning, for pleasure, for raising the next generation of readers and thinkers. Learn more.

Incorgnito Publishing Press

Incorgnito Publishing Press is temporarily reducing the price of all of eBooks on its website to $.99. Additionally, anyone who purchases an eBook right now will be able to purchase any fall title for $.99. IPG, Incorgnito’s distributor, is running a 30% discount on the publisher's print books if ordered directly from your bookstore.

Clavis Publishing

Clavis Publishing is looking to bring some relief to parents and children alike by providing virtual story time with its authors! A number of videos have already been posted online of authors reading their own stories with more coming in the next few days. Additionally, there are a number of printable activity sheets (coloring pages, reading guides, etc.) available on their website.

She Writes Press and SparkPress

Support local independent booksellers during this trying time by being part of #SpringsBiggestBookTour over on the @BookSparks Instagram account. Every day they’re featuring a new release and purchasing copies through independent bookstores. Your shares help spread this important message of support for authors and booksellers who are suffering from cancelled events. Learn more.

Quirk Books

Quirk Books is committed to allowing readers to have access to books for educational and entertainment purposes. In light of school, bookstore, and library closures, Quirk Books is extending an open license to select titles in its catalog through June 30, 2020. For conditions of use and a list of select Quirk titles available, please review their open license for online events. Learn more.

Fox Chapel Publishing

Fox Chapel Publishing is offering free shipping for consumers. Offer is valid on orders of $20 or more (US only). They are also creating prepack coloring displayers that will make it easy for accounts to order and receive high demand books. The Fox Chapel warehouse is operating at a high efficiency level and is getting orders shipped out quickly. Fox Chapel Publishing is also able to offer accounts the ability to drop ship directly to their customers. Learn more.

Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books has created free activity kits specifically for this highly unusual time to keep families busy with safe activities. Stay connected with others, manage anxiety, play global games at home and more! Their entire collection of singalongs is available for fun movement and music time; and they have video read-alouds of their books for viewers to enjoy. Learn more.

Roost Books

Roost Books is offering free links to lots of comforting recipes, health and wellness resources, activities for kids to do at home, and calming creative projects. They have also pulled together a page of available ebooks. Learn more.

Two Lines Press

Shop independent! As a bonus, Two Lines Press will send you a tote for FREE. To receive your tote, purchase a book from an indie bookstore, then email a photo of your receipt to cfelix@twolinespress.com and include the address where you'd like to receive your tote bag. Please use the subject line INDIE SUPPORT. Learn more.

Austin Macauley Publishers

Austin Macauley Publishers are offering 30% off all paperback books as a part of their "Boredom Busters" promotion. Learn more.

Penguin Random House

In order to encourage reading and classroom read-aloud experiences, and to support schools and public libraries forced to close, Penguin Random House is permitting librarians, teachers, and booksellers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos and live events using our titles, in accordance with specific guidelines. Learn more.

Scholastic Trade Publishing

Scholastic's top priority is supporting children as they learn and grow, whether that is in the classroom or at home. They are proud to offer a central hub with resources for booksellers and their customers. This includes access to activities for kids based on favorite series like Wings of Fire and The Bad Guys; an updated permissions policy for online read-alouds of Scholastic books; information about their partnership with Save with Stories; a one-sheet on Scholastic’s free Learn At Home initiative; and how to join their weekly Home Base Virtual Festival! [Retailers: Summer 2020 Backlist Offer also available] Learn more.

Melville House

Melville House is participating in the PRH Open Access terms. They’re also offering a selection of free ebooks to academics and librarians. Learn more.

Black Rabbit Books

Black Rabbit Books has opened its eLibrary to everyone now through May 31, 2020. Please enjoy free access to their eBooks! Learn more.

BTPS Publishers

These publishers are offering resources for parents, teachers, and children:

Nomad Press: Educational STEM videos, printable activities, ebooks, and classroom guides.

Bushel & Peck: Free online books and printable activities.

Flowerpot Press: Coloring pages and 4 mask projects.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Kids is pleased to provide a collection of activity sheets to keep kids exploring the world from home with these fun, quirky and educational activities. Get creative with drawing, designing and crafting activities, or get quizzical with our puzzles and trivia. Learn more.

Child's Play, Inc.

Child's Play has put together several resources to help you learn and play at home! Visit their Parent and Teacher Zones on our website for a wealth of activities, resources for parents, educators, and caregivers, videos featuring our authors reading their books, and instructions on how to use their books for your own virtual story times! They will add more resources on a regular basis, as well as discounted book packages (coming soon). Booksellers, please let them know how they can best help you. Call 800-639-6404 or tracy@childsplayusa.com.

Cicada Books

Cicada Books has created a free teaching resource to accompany their new spring title 'Earth-Shattering Events' for remote classrooms and homeschooling located here. In the coming weeks, they will also be sharing more resources (printables, comic book strips) for some other titles to keep children engaged.  Follow them on Twitter to learn more.

Waterford Press

Waterford Press has free educator guides for some of its top-selling guidelines including The Night Sky, The Moon, Weather, and more. Access them on their website here.

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Keep your child reading, learning, and having fun with Simon Kids! This page is a one-stop shop for all of their great resources for parents and educators as you navigate distance learning at home. Learn more.

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Simon & Schuster will permit you to livestream and post readings of Simon & Schuster books online for your students, subject to the following terms and conditions. Learn more.

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Simon & Schuster is pleased to provide resources and support as you navigate distance learning and bookselling in the weeks ahead. Please visit The Book Pantry website for reading group and teaching guides, author studies, and more. Learn more.

University of Virginia Press

UVA Press is making all of its ebook content on the MUSE platform open-access through June 30, 2020. In addition, UVA Press has expanded the free-trial period for resources published by its digital imprint, Rotunda. The standard free trial, available to the general public, will be increased to seven days, and the month-long extended trial (intended for library and universities) will be increased to 90 days. UVA Press is also offering a 30% discount on its print books, front and backlist. Users may order through the UVA Press web site using the discount code 10READ. Learn more.

Crabtree Publishing Company

To help keep kids reading during these challenging times, Crabtree is offering FREE access to its complete eLibrary of 2000+ PreK-9+ nonfiction and fiction books until June 30, 2020. Learn more. In addition, Crabtree has made temporary copyright permission provisions available to help librarians and educators offer online read-alouds effective immediately until June 30, 2020. Learn more.

North Star Editions

North Star Editions wants to help educators with their distance learning plans. They are offering free access to their entire collection of series fiction and nonfiction ebooks through July 31, 2020. Learn more.

Arbordale Publishing

Arbordale wants to keep kids and their families reading and are offering free access to all of their dual-language or multilingual digital books with read aloud and word highlighting through May 15. Learn more.

The Creative Company

The Creative Company is sharing e-books for free through May 31, 2020. They also support the reading of their books in virtual story and circle times. You have their permission for such usage via the portal of your choice. Read, live, and learn Creatively! Learn more.

Sleeping Bear Press

Sleeping Bear Press is supporting “At Home” learning by providing teacher guides and activity pages that are available to download for free at sleepingbearpress.com. Learn more. For bookstores, they are also extending net 90 terms to during this time. (Ask your rep for details.)

Dover Publications

Download free samples of Dover's assortment of entertaining and educational children's books. As families find themselves spending more time indoors these days, it's the perfect opportunity to color beautiful coloring pages about important people, places, and things, challenge themselves with word searches, mazes, and other puzzles, enjoy craft projects and journaling, and spend quality time with other fun-filled activities. Learn more.

Lee & Low Books

Lee & Low is committed to supporting educators and booksellers! They have amended their guidelines for virtual read alouds and are posting activity ideas, recorded read alouds, and more as well - as special resources for Spanish-speaking families. Visit their blog for updates on our newest resources.

Thrums Books

Thrums Books is donating 50% of all sales of their Peruvian-related titles to the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco to support the artisans whose livelihood has been threatened by the pandemic. They are also offering 50% off all eBooks and 20% off of print titles. Learn more.

ECW Press

ECW Press want you to enjoy their books in whatever format you like, whenever you like. Just send an email to ebook@ecwpress.com and include: the book title, the name of the store where you purchased it, a screenshot or picture of your order/receipt number, your name, and your preference of file type: PDF or ePub. If you intend to read on a Kindle device, please ask for the mobi file. A real person will respond with your ebook attached.

Tuttle Publishing

Tuttle, publisher of English language books on Asian culture, would like to help keep kids entertained and motivated at home during this challenging time. They’ve developed a list of books that they have granted permission to allow educators (teachers, librarians, bookstores) to do a virtual reading or recording from. Find the list of available titles and request form here. Questions? Please email ReadAloud@tuttlepublishing.com.

Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer Publishing is providing a free educational booklet, "The Little Book of Germs," aimed at kids who are curious about germs and why everyone is suddenly singing while they wash their hands. To download, go here.

Schiffer Kids

Schiffer Kids has created a free resource hub with coloring pages and activity guides based on popular Schiffer Kids titles. Access here.

Better Day Books

Better Day Books is offering downloadable coloring pages specifically designed to provide some sense of comfort during a time of pandemic where we are physically isolated from one another. Access here.


Immedium is providing free coloring pages and activity sheets of 50 children’s picture books. Their storybooks include the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, The Octonauts, Julie Black Belt, The Asian Hall of Fame (Ramen, Fireworks & Gunpowder, Anime & Manga), and adventures about trains, pirates, monsters, and more!

Histria Books

All during the month of May, visit HistriaBooks.com and download a free copy of With REVENGE Comes TERROR, a thriller by best-selling author S.P. Grogan. Learn more.

Llewellyn Worldwide

Llewellyn has partnered with their authors to compile a list of resources for inspiration, balance, connection, and emotional wellness during these difficult times. Please go here to discover how spiritual learning and growth can be achieved even in the face of hardship.

And Other Stories

In support of indie bookstores, And Other Stories is pledging to donate 20% of the price of a subscription to the bookstore of the subscriber's choice for each new subscription that they receive until August 2020. Learn more.

Boardwalk Books, LLC

Boardwalk Books is offering 15% off of its titles during this season of being at home. Please use the code GIVEACOW at checkout. Also, 10% of all profits from book and merch sales go to Heifer International to provide real farm animals and training to families living in poverty. Learn more.

Amphorae Publishing Group

Amphorae is offering 30% off all books when purchased through Independent Publishers Group. Use the promotion code KEEPCALMANDREADON. Learn more.


Peachtree has created a Remote Learning Resources Hub, which pulls together all of their free, downloadable teacher’s guides, discussion guides, and activities, along with a variety of author and illustrator videos. It also provides information on virtual storytimes, permissions for read-aloud videos, and details on virtual author events. Learn more.


Workman Publishing is offering free remote learning resources. Learn more.

Applewood Books

Applewood Books is offering a free 25-puzzle Road Trip Sampler. The newly released Great American Road Trip Puzzle Book series serves as both puzzle book and travel guide to help the traveler discover America from their car or couch. Learn more.

Andrews McMeel Publishing

In support of all students currently learning at home, Andrews McMeel Publishing is offering a weekly free ebook from their catalog of middle-grade comics and graphic novels through the AMP Kids newsletter. They are also providing boredom-busting activities and downloadable teaching guides, as well as read-alongs with fan-favorite authors. Learn more.

Pluto Press

Patreon Press, a small, independent publisher of radical books, has set up a Patreon in order to help keep them publishing books in this difficult time. They are donating 10% of all proceeds to organizations working to help vulnerable people affected by COVID-19. Subscribers can choose from four tiers, each offering unique content, gifts and merch, and free ebooks. Learn more.

Lerner Publishing Group

Lerner Publishing is offering a selection of their digital products for free through June 30, 2020 - conveniently separated into categories for grades preK–5 and 6–12. They are also offering 25% off hardcover books and paperbacks under $10. Lerner is allowing free read-aloud permissions for distance learning. Find free podcasts, videos, downloads, discounts, and resources on their Help at Home blog here.

The School of Life

The School of Life has provided a free selection of exercises to download to help keep the young minds in your household occupied and stimulate their natural curiosity. You'll also find a selection of films and articles on the subject of children. Learn more.

Nomad Press

Nomad Press offers a large collection of free resources perfect for 2nd-9th grade which model critical and creative thinking to promote the development of problem-solving skills as readers discover patterns and connections through intellectual inquiry. Download free resources, activities, and teacher guides at The Learning Center.

Special Offers Specifically for Bookstores/Libraries

Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is offering an extra 5% discount and Net 90 for 10+ units. Write promo code INDIES on your order. All orders ship free freight and must ship ASAP (no future ships). Multiple orders OK. Valid now through 5/31/20. Applies to ALL Chronicle Books, Galison/Mudpuppy/Christina Lacroix, Princeton Arch. Press, Quadrille, Hardie Grant, Laurence King, Twirl, and Creative Edition titles. (Does not include Moleskine.)

Harvard University Press

Harvard University Press' warehouse, TriLiteral LLC (also supplying Yale and MIT), is allowing payments due to be paid up to 90 days from invoice date. No deadline or backdating. No end date for monitoring.

Blackstone Publishing

Blackstone is offering all indies extended payment terms of Net-60 days and 55% discount across the board until further notice, with free shipping and no minimum order requirements.

Arcadia Publishing

Direct-to-customer orders shipped from Arcadia to your customers with COOP dollars to advertise. If you’ve had to cancel a store author event, contact events@arcadiapublishing.com about rescheduling and other opportunities for the future. For stores offering curbside pick-up, Arcadia can send you some Arcadia Publishing tote bags while supplies last. Learn more.

Gibson House Press

Gibson House Press authors of literary fiction are eager to do virtual attendance with book clubs through bookstores or libraries. Contact them to make arrangements. Ebook versions are available through all platforms at standard discounts, as are original trade paperback through all wholesalers. Publisher will ship original paperback copies at industry discount to any library or bookstore group unable to get through regular supply chains and will offer bulk discounts for book groups. Learn more.

New Harbinger Publications

During this troubling time, your customers will need help managing feelings of anxiety and fear. New Harbinger has been publishing powerful resources written by professionals that will give your customers the tools they can apply right away to ease their overwhelming emotions. They are offering the following special terms: Net 90 and free freight on all orders of 10 units or more in the continental US.

Holiday House

Holiday House has created a new resource page to meet the needs of those who would like to connect authors/illustrators and their books with community members, students, and parents in a virtual environment. Please feel free to download and print all materials and link to this page on your website, enewsletters, or any other platform. This page compiles all their materials, which includes activities, lesson plans, read-aloud guidelines, and more. They’re adding additional resources daily. Learn more.

Octane Press

Octane Press is offering the following promotions: First-time order any quantity at 50% discount with free shipping and 60-day terms. Drop-ship directly from their warehouse to your retail customers--just log in to their online platform, enter the customer address, and ship! (email sales@octanepress.com to sign up). If your store sells their books in your online store, they will blast the store's URL out to our 10K email subscribers and 30K social media audience. Please contact your sales rep at Fuji Associates or Chesapeake & Hudson to order, or contact directly at sales@octanepress.com

Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services is open and operational. They have extended payment terms to Net 90 days until the end of May 30, 2020, to help bookstores continue to serve their customers. Longleaf proudly provides fulfillment services for the following university presses: Baylor, Calgary, Cork, Cornell, Georgia, LSU, Manitoba, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and West Indies. Learn more.

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

Cedar Fort specialize in general nonfiction, cookbooks, fiction, journals & books that uplift and inspire. They are providing a special introductory offer for all new accounts. Go here and use the code: SAVE60 at checkout to receive 60% off your initial order of titles found in “Cedar Fort’s National Best-Sellers” collection. To create a wholesale account for ongoing savings, contact dru@cedarfort.com.

Paraclete Press Inc.

Paraclete Press is offering a 30% discount for all libraries and free shipping with any call-in or emailed orders. They also offer streaming - a 60% discount! See their website for details or call 774.801.2049 for more information.

Tyndale House Publishers

Stores may contact their sales rep or Tyndale Customer Service regarding special discounts on various titles that offer hope in these uncertain times. Learn more.

Guilford Press

Librarians: to make the most resources available to the greatest number of people, Guilford is working with digital distributors to academic and public libraries to extend unlimited access to current holdings or offer deep discounts. New specials are being added, so contact your vendor for details or use the link below. Retailers: Guilford staff are ready to process orders remotely. Please use the link below for specifics. Under construction: they’re working with authors—top mental health professionals—to provide free tips for dealing with anxiety and a variety of free content. Learn more.

Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group is adding resources to their Edelweiss content with specially curated topical catalogs and increasing the availability of their DRCs, both in selection and access. They’re making sure to include genres loved by librarians! HBG is also partnering with BINC and introducing new programs to aid independent booksellers (please ask your rep for details). Their commitment to your stores and institutions will not waver. Learn more.

Penguin Random House

Interim Discounted Digital Book Library Program

Penguin Random House is discounting the prices of the eBook and audiobook titles sold through wholesalers to public libraries and schools. This discounting begins immediately and will be in effect for a 90-day period. Additionally, they are expanding their terms of sale to include alternative models including pay-per-circ. Please check with your preferred wholesaler for details. Learn more.

Penguin Random House

Morning Book Buzz with PRH Library Marketing

Join PRH for Morning Book Buzz, a brand new free webinar happening every Wednesday at 11am ET. They’ll chat about the books they've been reading, what's coming soon, and their digital resources available to help librarians and patrons stay connected in these uncertain times. Register for the first buzz, which will air on April 1st. You bring the coffee, they'll bring the books! Learn more.

Springer Nature

Springer Nature will offer a +5% credit for bookstores that drop ship orders to their customers. They hope the extra discount will offset shipping costs for bookstores that serve universities and their communities. The offer will be available to stores through the end of May. Please contact your Springer Nature sales rep for more information. Learn more.

HarperCollins Publishers

HarperCollins Publishers is committed to supporting booksellers and librarians during this unprecedented time. In addition to supporting BINC and the American Booksellers Association’s #SupportLocalNow campaign, they’re expanding their digital outreach to help you and your customers stay connected with their authors and books while at home. Learn more.

Chelsea Green Publishing

Chelsea Green Publishing has extended its “ED20” special to offer 50%, returnable, free freight (52% for partner and n/r stores), on any 5+ unit order, (in-stock titles) though at least the end of May. They are also creating a menu of Facebook Live Q&As and demonstrations by authors offering practical, timely skills (e.g. fermenting, growing indoor salads, exercise, outdoor activity, and health tips) for bookstores needing virtual event content. Please contact sales manager Michael Weaver for more information. Learn more.

Independent Publishers Group

IPG’s warehouse remains open, deemed an essential business, and fulfillment is uninterrupted! To accommodate publishers whose print runs may have been disrupted, IPG is optimizing their digital print program and manufacturing books to order. To support readers of all ages, IPG publishers are creating virtual author events and digital resources geared toward education. IPG has received requests from stores looking for games and puzzles books; here’s a handy Edelweiss catalog pulling together relevant titles: IPG Spring 2020 Games Titles

Unversity of Minnesota Press

The University of Minnesota Press is offering the following terms to independent bookstore accounts from now through May 31st: +5% discount on all orders, free shipping on domestic orders of 15 or more units, and net 90-day payment period for any accounts that are currently on net 30. To qualify for these terms, please send all orders through your University of Minnesota sales representative.

Flyaway Books and Westminster John Knox Press

Flyaway Books and Westminster John Knox Press is offering a 53% discount with free Freight and 90-day billing. Minimum order of 5+ units.


Receive an additional 5% discount and net 90 days dating on Hardcover, Trade Paperback, Mass Market, and Audio backlist titles on orders received by Macmillan Publishers during the promotional period of 3/20/2020 – 6/1/2020. This cannot be combined with any other offers and is only applicable to titles published by the Macmillan Trade division. 10 unit minimum. All orders ship free freight. Additional discount applies only to titles published before March 17, 2020, multiple orders are allowed. The promotion applies to Macmillan and its distributees with the exception of College Board.

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

Cedar Fort specializes in general nonfiction, cookbooks, fiction, journals & books that uplift and inspire. They are providing a special introductory offer for all new accounts. Go here and use the code: SAVE60 at checkout to receive 60% off your initial order of titles found in “Cedar Fort’s National Best-Sellers” collection. To create a wholesale account for ongoing savings, contact dru@cedarfort.com.

NBN/Waterford Press

Waterford Press is offering a little help to booksellers with an additional 5% discount off  standard terms between April 15 and July 30 plus free displays (as stock is available). Orders are accepted publisher direct (orderdesk@waterfordpress.com) or through NBN (customercare@nbnbooks.com). Please have your NBN account number available if possible. Learn more.

Hachette Book Group

Please keep an eye out for upcoming VIRTUAL TOUR GRIDS on Edelweiss. Hachette publicists and authors want to work with you for your virtual events!