As part of their ongoing commitment to supporting public libraries, Above the Treeline and the Equinox Open Library Initiative are excited to announce a tool which facilitates export of data from Koha into Edelweiss, allowing for detailed collection analysis. Libraries who use Koha will be able to easily configure scheduled data exports from their Koha ILS into Edelweiss+Analytics.   “We are very excited to extend Edelweiss+ support to Koha users,” said Mike Rylander, president and
Booksellers now have easy access to hyper-local assortments unique to each store!   Charleston, SC, and Ann Arbor, MI (October 18, 2018): Arcadia Publishing and Edelweiss+ by Above the Treeline announced today that they have teamed up to offer independent booksellers easy access to hyper-local collections of titles unique to each specific store and community. Booksellers can now go the Arcadia publishing page on Edelweiss+ (while logged in to their account) and select the “YourTown Store
If only libraries had infinite stacks! Unfortunately, the shelf space in libraries is limited. For many libraries with full shelves, when a new title comes in, an older one must go out. Determining which titles stay and which ones need to go isn’t as easy as it may sound. Librarians deploy a mix of data and expertise about the community they serve to create collections that engage their patrons. But sometimes the right decision is
The Chicago Distribution Center (CDC), the distribution services division of the University of Chicago Press, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Above the Treeline to offer Edelweiss+ Catalog Services to the publishers in the CDC family for a special rate. With more than 130 clients, the Chicago Distribution Center provides comprehensive distribution solutions to a wide variety of unique and sophisticated publishers, from its own institution’s University of Chicago Press and other university
Above the Treeline and The Library Corporation are excited to announce streamlined integration with the CARL•X and Library•Solution ILSs and Edelweiss+Analytics. Libraries who use either of these ILSs will now enjoy a simple process to create data feeds for Edelweiss+Analytics, resulting in a smooth, hassle-free setup process. To celebrate this partnership, interested libraries will receive a free 90-day trial of the Basecamp tier of Edelweiss+Analytics, including the innovative State of the Collection report. The Edelweiss+