Danny Angelo Fluker Jr. on A Healing Journal for Black Men

Danny Angelo Fluker, Jr is a community healing advocate; meditation, yoga, and mindfulness teacher; Missoko Bwiti practitioner; and the creator of Black Boys OM. In A Healing Journal for Black Men, Danny offers journal prompts, affirmations, quotes, and other calming exercises to help Black men reflect, heal, and grow.


We talked with Danny about putting together this journal, what self-care means to him, and his advice for new journal keepers.

A Healing Journal for Black Men comes out this month! What inspired you to create this journal?

Journaling has always been something that I’ve used since I was about 8 years old as a way to connect with what life was showing me. I was really grateful when Callisto Media reached out to me because of the work I was already doing with Black Boys and men, it felt very much in alignment.

What role has journaling played in your life?

It would help me explore my inner world, reflect on what lessons I needed to learn, and help me create for the future.

The book brings together a mix of prompts, affirmations, quotes, and calming exercises. What was your process in creating this journal?

This was a totally new process for me. I never worked with a publisher or a copy editor before. I was religious about my commitment to making each milestone and worked in writing into my schedule in a large way and drew heavily from my own personal wellness practice.

This journal is intended to help Black men make space for reflection and self-care. What does self-care mean to you?

Kindness with self. Trust in one's personal journey. And doing things that bring peace and enjoyment.

Could you share a favorite part of the journal with us?

The introduction because it gave me an opportunity to share from my heart in a personal way. There is also a chapter on Acknowledging Pain that is not my favorite but it holds significance because I went through a very unexpected painful event while writing it.

Is there an affirmation, exercise, or quote that is particularly impactful to you?

“Rest in yourself, Celebrate you.”

Do you have advice or guidance for someone coming to this book who is new to journaling as a healing tool?

Trust that you are a wellspring of inner resources and write freely from the heart. There aren’t any rules.

What are you reading right now?  

  • Be As You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi
  • I will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  • The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr
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